Dear Doc:

About 18 months ago I started treatments with Dr. Jay. At that time my pain level was very high, even excruciating , and allowed me to stand only for about 3-5 minutes, and to walk maybe fifteen feet. Today, my pain is occasional and it's intensity is very much reduced,even absent for long periods of time. I walk 40-50 feet in a much smoother gait, and can stand for 10-15 minutes. No marathons yet, but a great improvement in the quality of my life. I give all the credit for this improvement to the knowledge, skill, and caring of Dr. Jay and his God-given talent and ability to focus the healing powers. Thank you Dr. Jay, from the bottom of my very grateful heart and back.-Dan D.

Dear Doc:

My life has changed since I've been under your care. I came to you with painful headaches. With your expertise, I no longer suffer from them. Per your suggestion, I followed the purification program. I've lost 20 pounds and feel great! Thanks yo you and your competent, resourseful, and friendly staff, you make me feel like family-Nondra B.

Dear Doc:

A few years ago after CT scans, MRI's, etc., I was told my lower backpain was something I would have to live with and the only relief would be from "heavy-duty" pain meds. A friend recommended I see you and after a few months of adjustments, I'm pracically pain free all the time. I am blessed to have found you. Thanks to you and your Chiropractic Staff- Ruth W.

Dear Doc:

When I came to you I could hardly turn my head while driving and with great discomfort. Now I can turn my head and look around on both sides in traffic without any discomfort at all. I have more energy and seem to be more at peace and happier than before. The pain between my shoulders has disappeared. My allergies and sinus problems are so much better that I have not taken any kind of medication for headaches since 3-26-07. I sleep better, my Chronic Fatigue has improved as well. I just recently found that my eyes have improved and I am wearing old glasses. My glasses broke and I thought to just wear my old ones until I could get them repaired but I could see so much better with the old ones that I have not had them repaired. Amazing!!!-Shirley C.

Dear Doc

Many years ago I had a back injury and tried most treatments with very little success. When I retired I decided to try Chiropractic treatment because I was having difficulty walking. Within a short time I could walk without bending over and the pain was much less. While I was at the Chiropractic office I read an article about treatments for bronchitis and allergies. I decided to ask for the treatment but doubted it would work. Each year I got bronchitis two or more times and had to take antibiotics plus feeling sick enough at times to stay in bed a few days. I am not sure how many years it's been, but over three, and I have not had bronchitis and have not been on any bronchitis or asthma medications since I started the Chiropractic treatments. When I got a physical I was given a test for Vital Capacity of the lungs, the test was within normal limits. I do know I was having a hearing problem and the Chiropractic treatments have helped that problem also. I still have some problem but I can hear better. I am a retired nurse who is 83 years old. I feel so much better and much less arthretic pain because of my weekly visits to the Chiropractors office.-Ruth M.

It dawned on me the other day that it had been 3 years since I had been to my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor! I used to see him regulary because of my allergies, bronchitis and laryngitis. This 3 year period marked the begining of my adjustments with Dr. Jay. Since I have been having regular appointments here, the awful migranes I frequently experienced have almost completely stopped! Thank God! Dr. Jay and Joy are true examples of what a loving, caring Chiropractic Office should be. The attention and love they give to their patients go beyond Dr./ patient and into a wonderful friendship! You are more than a number here, you are a special person who is prayed for, thought about and giving time and help when you need it. All of this is done with a passion for helping people and not a love of money! Thank you for changing my life in so many ways and may God continue to bless you both. May your example be a blessing to others always. Colleen S.

Dr. Jay and Joy, I first came to your office when my mother hurt her back. Your concern for her health and how Chiropractic care could help improve her wellbeing, with your explanation of how the spinal and nervous system worked, inspired me to try it myself. After more than 35 years of operating heavy equipments and longhaul tractor trailers, medically and physically I was in bad shape, with high blood pressure, diabetes, diabeticneuropathy and a stroke. I had settled on a life of pain and misery. After just a few weeks, I began to notice a big change in my ability to move better and do things that were difficult before. I also noticed I was having less pain everyday. I slept better also. After less than 3 months of adjustments, exercises and food supplements, I'm feeling like a new man. I also had my regular check up with my regular doctor, the results were great, with my blood pressure and blood sugar the best in more than 3 years. I was also taken off some of my medications for pain and lower doses for blood pressure and diabetes. Thank you Joy for your words of encouragement and Dr. Jay for your special way of care. Daniel H.

I lived in New York and had sustained 2 work related injuries in 1993. Ihad been through numerous tests and physical therapy.. Many doctors misdiagnosed with a shoulder impingement. I met you in 1996 I had jus had another session of needle injection therapy, where they shot my muscles full of drugs. Iwas in withdrwal, when I called my father here in Florida who has been hounding me to come to Florida to see this wonderful Chiropractor Dr. Jay! I was in so much pain, I finally agreed and booked a flight 2 weeks later. I was skeptical I have been to so many doctors and chiropractors and no one could reduce my pain. I sent my X-Rays, Chart, Reports everything I had. The day we met was God's blessing to me. You didn't guess or make me feel like it was all in my head. That first day you showed me what waswrong, that fisrt day, you reduced my pain and I was able to look over my shoulder for the first time in years. I flew to Florida several times a year for several yearsjust to see you! You fought for me with NYS Workeman's Compensation and treated me. I went to no one else until that last year. It was so bad I was walking with a cane everyday and in unbearable pain. I went to a pain clinic and after a nerve test, I was told that " with the rate of deterioration, I would be in a wheel chair within a year" That was 3 years ago and I moved to Florida to be close to Dr. Jay seriously I did. Because of Doc I don't use a cane, I'm not in a wheel chair and I'm working full time . 3 years ago I couldn't work and my future was bleak. GOD BLESS YOU DOC!

Just over 2 weeks ago I came to you with lower back pain so bad that I was unable to function at any level. At the same time, my neck

muscles would began to hurt, if I had to turn my head for any extended lenth of time. Today, Iam virtually pain free in my lower back and my neck feels the best it has in years. Thank You! Pete O.

My health problems were, Headaches and severe pain in my right Arm. I tried a few different types of medications including Stereoid Injections and exercises for my arm. My pain was relieved completely with Chiropractic Adjustments and a change of diet.

Medicine was only a temporary fix for my ailments. Thanks Seltzer Family!

I still use Dr. Seltzer, he has done so much for me. As a child I could not read very well. My parents sent me to countless reading schools so I could receive passing grades in school... I was not a good studeny scholastically. I could not read or I was reading through one eye. Dr. Seltzer set me free to read with both my eyes... and to this I'm forever greatfull! Without any drugs.

Dr. Seltzer has helped me enjoy life agan! I don't cry at night from pain anymore! I can move my head without discomfort.

Best of all I feel like a young woman, should, no more wasting time wishing I felt better, because I'am better due to regular Adjustments.

Prior to getting adjusted, I was told I was going to have a hard time conceiving, just two months after starting treatment, I found out I was pregnant! That is no COINCIDENCE! And you better believe my son got his first adjustment at 3 days old! I will never go back to the way I was. Regular Adjustments are the way to go. Thanks Dr. Jay!

Dear Doc:

I began going to Seltzer Family Chiropractic 9 weeks ago. When I started seeing Dr. Seltzer I had several problems that were lowering my quality of life, and I'm only 27 years old! I had chronic neck pain and very severe headaches. I was also having a hard time sleeping, getting at least, 3-4 hours a night.

The first thing I noticed about Dr. Seltzer was how he makes sure you understand the undrelying problems which cause the discomfort to begin with. The information I recieved was very informative and gave me a crystal clear understanding as to why I was having these problems in the first place.

Within the first 3 visits I started feeling the effects from the treatment. I was able to sleep much better and my neck/headaches reduced by about 50%.

I am now in my 9th week of treatment and have gone from about 5 headaches a week to 1 in the last 2 weeks!

I sleep more soundly 7-8 hours a night and overall feel much more rejuvenated through the day. Another contributing factor is the organic medicine that Dr. Seltzer explained would help correct my chemical imbalances. What a difference!

I was definitely skeptical at first about the whole process, however only 9 weeks into the treatment and my problems have been reduced by about 80%. To me that means better sleep, virtually no pain in my neck and most important to me only the occasional headache instead of daily headaches. Overall it has improved my quality of life dramatically, and I am ever so thankful!!! - Joshua Jones

Dr. Jay Seltzer is not just a chiropractor but a part of my daily health plan! Since I began seeing Dr. Jay in January 2015, he has relieved my pain and discomfort that I've experienced fro years. Within 2 months of treatment, I no longer have lower back pain or pain in my neck and shoulders! My range of head motion has improved dramatically, and I no longer turn my body to look from side to side, but turn my head left or right.

I have visited a number myriad of chiropractors over the past 30 plus years and never have experienced the relief I hoped for until now! Thank you Dr. Jay!!

An extra bonus upon my visits and the office has been the warm and inviting atmosphere provided by Sharah and Tereza! They make my visits pleasant and provide information and assistance beyond the call of duty!! Thanks to all of you for the health and wellbeing I am now enjoying! - David Jernigan

Ps:Feel Free to recommend or use my name with other patients!

Dr. Seltzer has helped me enjoy life again! I don't cry at night from pain anymore, I can move my head without discomfort. best of all I feel like a young woman should, no more wasting time wishing I felt better, because I Am Better due to regular Adjustments.

Prior to getting adjusted, I was told I was going to have a hard time conceiving. Just 2 months after starting treatment, I found out I was pregnant! That is NO COINCIDENCE! And you better believe my son got his first adjustment at 3 days old! I will never go back to the way I was. Regular Adjustments are the way to go. Thanks Dr. Jay! - Claudia Kallesen

I am on a new jurney with Chiropractic care and it has been one month since my first adjusment. In this short month amazing things have transpired in my health, my body, and my life. You see, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in August 1999 and it has been 10 years of physical challenges for me. The last three years have had me bedridden for months, in and out of of wheelchairs, using quad canes and constant use of walkers. I tried easily and my legs frequently gave out wich would cause me to fall. I experienced numbness and loss of sensation for so many years that I forgot what it was like to feel my feet, fingers and legs. Over time my gait became worse and my balance was shaky and unsteady. My neck was a constant ache and I often experienced horrific headaches.

I am so greatful for Dr. Jay's wealth of Knowledge, experience, and dedication to my care. I, in turn am committed to do my part and excited for each new day. Already I have maintained greater balance and strenghtin my legs. I can tell my posture is better and I stand and sit taller. With each step I take, I can feel my legs bend at the knee and my "drop foot" is slowly going away. It's been so long since I could actually feelt sensations in my fingers, and differentiate between sharp and dull. Before they were always numb and tingling - now they feel almost normal. My legs have more sensastion as well and are not as heavy to lift. Most miraculous to me is that I can go a short distance without a walker. Most times I am now walking with no aid to help and my legs feel stronger and steadyeven though my balance is off a bit. I know with time and more adjustments that too will balance out as my nerve indicators kick in, reawaken, adjustments that too will balance out as my nerve indicators kick in, since beginning Ciropractic care. My stamina is tronger and I can get through almost a whole day without feeling overly tiered and exhausted. This is so big to me and exciting. My little one is waiting for the day I can go out and run and kick balls with him. I am positive that day is coming. I am more energetic therefore I feel more alive. I find myself breathing deeper and thinking cleare, and I haven't had a headache since my first adjustment. The nighttime muscle spasms in my legs and occasional charlie horses in my calves have stopped completely and finally I am getting a good nights sleep. I feel like I am getting my life back straight with regaining my mobility - and with that comes many blessings and appreciation of what was, what it, and what is yet to come. Our bodies can heal themselves and I know for a fact that Chiropractic has given me a big jump start on my road to health and wellness.

I am so appreciative and thankful to Dr. Jay and Joy. What a gift of healing, knowledge, and experience they have to offer us. I am so excited for myself and especially excited to share what Chiropractic can do for those of us challenged with MS.

In all humbleness I say to Dr. Jay, Thank you from my heart. - Shelli Edwards

Dear Doc:

I no longer get up each daywith a stiff neck and congested. I can very freely turn my head while driving -Praisen the Lord! My overall mood has improved - More Cheerful- per My husband- I have a general over all sense of well being- I find myself humming all through the day- This is one of the very best things I have undertaken for my health ever. - Shirly Correll

BIG Thanks from our little man Triston Michael McCudy

Dr. Seltzer and Staff,

Our baby boy is happy and healthy thanks to the help and guidance we got from you. Thanks for keeping our family healthy. - Love, Debbie and Mike

Late 40's early 50's

I have always had a problem reading... it really troubled my parents to the point they sent me to special reading schools during my grade school years at their own expense so I would get passing grades... I never liked to read... it always was a chore for me to read. Other people helped me through school besides my parents... i did graduate with much less than honors.

I went to trade school for High School where I excelled as an Automobile Mechanic ... winning a 1961 trouble shooting contest... the scholastic part of High School was still not where it shoudl have been it was still a battle for me to read.

some place in the 1980's I started Chiropractic care with Dr. seltzer after a period of time I started to read with both my eyes so now I'm a proud owner of a library card where I send a good part of my day...-Wendell Hobby

I the past I was under the impression that the Chiropractor was only needed if I was suffering from a ack or neck injury or after a car accident. I was greatly mistaken. I began visiting Dr. Seltzer due to discomfort with my lower back. My job relocated and I thought the problem was my 3hr commute daily I was also having problems with my Menstrual Cycle and was on Progesterone (hormones). I was not sleeping well and I was feeling sluggish. I came for my first appointment and was impressed. The Dr. did not immediatley start adjusting me, but actyally evaluated my condition. He showed me my X-rays and we both agreed something was wrong. I have been coming 3x a week for 4 months and I can truly say I am thankful that I decided to visit Dr. seltzer. I am no loger on hormones and my menstrual cycle is back to normal. My lower back no longer aches and I sleep through the night. I feel great and I know it is not only the lifestyle changes I have incorporated but 100% confident that my adjustments have helped my body to being healing itself. Thank you Dr. Seltzer and your terrific staff. - Ileana Vincenty

Let me tell you who I was. I was taht woman who was forever cold and could not move my right arm over my head without pain. I am now sweating (yeah it's good for you) when I work out snf dont hsve s sweater on when it's 80 degrees. I can also raise my arm with much less pain and am no longer a contortionist getting dressed for the day. Neithere of there are the reasons I started seeing Dr. Seltzer but they have surely been the flowers on my cake. I love his office it's not snapping my neck and showing me only but instead about adjustments where needed and taking time to chat on occasion and listen to my input, answers any of my questions. I've been to a chiro before and was like an asembly line and very unpersonable. He is working me into this life style change which makes it doable vs all at once. Diagnostic with explainations, adjustments now exercises and streaches. I am very excited about chiro and work forward to the new and healthier me. I would have blood work @ endro in a month or so - maybe some good news there. - Terry, K. Martin

My name is Verlene, but for twenty five years people have called me Migraine. I have fought with truamatizing, aganizing migraines that no Doctor could even figure out. With the migraines would come hot flashes and body aches.There was rearly ever a day that would go by that I was free of migraines and hot flashes. The migraines would last sometimes six to eight hours, three to five days and sometimes weeks without a break. The hoty flashes would come no less than five times a day soaking me from head to toe. After fighting and crying to the doctors for so many years I decided to go to Dr. Jay Seltzer ( the graetest and most understanding chiropractor ever). He explained everything to me about how the body and brain work. He adjusted me twice and I was feeling a big difference, after the third adjustment I have had no more migraines, I've had no more hot flashes, and I feel like a brand new person with a smile that wont go away. I highly recommend you visiting a chiropractor (Dr. Jay Seltzer).

- Verlene Wheeling

When i first came to Dr. Jay Seltzer, I was using a walker, with difficulty. Dr. Seltzer recommended that I sign up for his nine month treatment plan, which I did. I can now walk upright with ease and have put my walker in storage. I use a cane when out in public but when I am at home I walk without any aid.

Dr. Seltzer has helped me starighten my stance and reduce the pain in my lower back and hips with exercises and chiropractic manipulations. My best decision was putting myself under Dr. Seltzer's care.-John Griffis 8/1/16

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